Jen Moss MA, MFT

Sexologist, Health Psychology, Relational-Sexual Health and Wellness, Health Psychology, Embodied Somatic Arts


Sexual Health & Wellness

Attachment Theory
Sex Education
Intimacy Seminars

Trauma Healing

Stress Management
Emotional Regulation


Over 20 years practicing Tantra and teaching workshops in mental health, sexual health and more functional relationships!

Seminars and Conference Topics include:

  • How Relationships, Dating and your Sex life are affected by your attachment styles
  • Intimacy 101- Let’s (talk about it) start at the top and work our way down….
  • Introduction to Intimacy- Experiencing Level 1 Tantra…. A clothes on class!
  • Creating Fulfilling Fantasy’s
  • Saying it outloud…Sexy talk and more
  • Role playing – A pick your own adventure workshop
  • NVC for the bedroom ( Non-Violent Communication) and other practices in negotiation and compromise
  • Constructing Mindful boundaries To Navigate Our Interpersonal Relationships, Including Platonic Touch, Romantic Touch, and Erotic Touch”
  • Reimagining the Dance of Intimacy: Challenging ourselves through movement, touch, pressure and proximity (with intention to understand relationships and sensual desire)
  • My Sex Life from then to now: An Origin Story
  • Female Ejaculation myths and facts
  • Dynamic consent .. practicing hell yes , maybe, not now and no on verbal and non verbal ways

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