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Jen Moss, MA, MFT (she/her) is an Author, Motivational Speaker and a Nationally Recognized Child Abuse Prevention Specialist.

Nurturing Parenting Education Facilitation & Professional Development

Dance and Movement Arts, Expressive Embodiment and Relational Workshops

Relationships, Mental Health, Sexual Health and Wellness Workshops


Jen Moss MFT

Author, Speaker, Child Abuse Prevention Specialist, Trauma Therapist
Embodied Somatic Arts, Relational-Sexual Health and Wellness, Health Psychology

Jennifer has been a Trainer/Consultant for Nurturing Parenting® Programs for over 18 years, and she has authored many implementations guides on child abuse training and facilitation. Jennifer also has a degree in sexology and is an expert on attachment and its impact on relationships.

Jennifer has two upcoming books: “Interrupting the Stress Response” and “From the Head to the Heart.”

Jennifer regularly offers seminars in professional parent education facilitation, child abuse risk assessments, stress management, emotional regulation and facilitation, attachment and relationships, and various other health psychology, movement arts, and experiential workshops. She has been consulting and training other professionals in the social work, legal and criminal justice fields for over two decades.

Originally from the East Coast, Jennifer lived on the Hawaiian Islands for many years. She now splits her time between Oregon and Arizona with her two almost grown children. Years of single parenting have provided endless humorous survival stories and relatable experiences that Jennifer shares in her quirky and passionate style!

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Featured Book

Interrupting the Stress Response: Cortisol Management- and Dealing with Stress in the Current Times!

Managing stress is not a one-time activity but an everyday practice! Understand and prioritize the importance of combating cortisol overload. Lowering stress maintains the immune system, increases empathy, regulates sleep, mood, metabolism and prolongs your life! Expect to understand the role that cortisol plays in health and mental wellness and become more self-aware of what to do about it and how to help others! Explore basic neurobiology and the nervous system in relationship to cortisol. Dealing with reactive responses and challenges by understanding and managing stress through learning techniques to calm down, focus and interrupt the stress response!!!

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