Jen Moss MA, MFT

Sensual Fusionist

Expressive Embodiment, Movement Arts and Relational Workshops!

Embodied Somatic Arts, Relational Intimacy, Health Psychology

Over 25 years practicing Tantra and teaching workshops in dance/movement, mental health, sexual health and relationship wellness! To find out more or get on mailing list for a future class or workshop, click here.

BA Psychology, Sexology

Studied Dance Therapy

25+ years of Dance Experience & Training

Specializes in ‘The Psychology of Dance’
Movement theory and various healing modalities

Portland Blues and Jazz Board- 2012, Portland OR

Teacher, Organizer- Founder of Maui Blues, Hawaii

Teacher, Organizer- Swing Maui, Hawaii

C0- Organizer Maui Party

Dances, Events & Class Favorites:

        • Swing Maui,
        • Maui Blues
        • Portland Blues and Jazz Society- Tuesday Blues
        • Barefoot Blues (now Fusion)
        • South Bay Fusion
        • Camp Blues Northern California
        • Portland Blues Festival
        • Maui Party
        • Seattle Retreat
        • Drip
        • Dungeons and Dances
        • What Stirs in the Night
        • The Vibe: A Sensation Focused Experience
          • Ala Cart Class Favorites and Skill Classes:

            • Hijinks, hijacks, blunders and bailouts: What to do when you don’t know what to do or spaz out!
            • Dance as a metaphor for Relationships
            • Moving through your Attachment Style
            • Dancing with your Shadow: A Musicality Experience
            • Connecting with our Animalistic Energy
            • Channeling Animal Imagery through Musicality
            • The Long Hug: Microfusion Moves made simple
            • Lag, Tag and Taunt
            • The way you do anything is the way you do Everything
            • Connection, Connection, Connection
            • Adding the Y into SEXY dancing…. Spicing up your partnership
            • Dips and Drops- 101 and the Sensual Version 2.0 Delicious Dips

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